Patient-centricity helps personalize the patient experience

Like any other industry, digital disruption has created an environment where customers demand services and solutions that are almost instantaneous and accessible. For consumers in the healthcare and life sciences industry, this means having the tools to take control of their own outcomes and make decisions based off of factors such as cost, quality and convenience. As a result, life sciences firms are obligated to shift their focus and reframe their research and development strategies towards this new, consumer-centric model. This means engaging patients on a personal level through a variety of methods – using data and analytics to more closely monitor outcomes, improving treatment adherence, delivering detailed treatment information, and developing other tools to interact with patients across any other new channels. Companies, however, need to act quickly and adopt these key technologies and models, otherwise they risk displacement by newer players who utilize the digital, patient-centric environment as the foundation for their products and programs.

Our ground-breaking solutions will help you achieve your objectives.

Connected Care for Clinical Trials

A patient-centric platform to takes your trials to the next level

Connected Care for Clinical Trials

Our Connected Wellness platform offerings are the definition of patient-centricity. We help reduce your patients’ anxiety and confusion of choices, help them make informed decisions, and provide an overall better clinical trial experience through improved connected care coordination. In turn, your clinical trial ecosystem sees improved patient treatment adherence and has a minimized level of patient dropouts. Another benefit is increased volume and quality of data that allows researchers to make more informed R&D decisions. Connected Wellness is a key enabler for your goal achievement, serving as a centralized, secure, and compliant platform that is highly scalable and gives your patients the resources they need to stay committed to trial success.

Cognitive Pharmacovigilance (PV) Intake

Maximize your ability to identify and process adverse event scenarios

Cognitive Pharmacovigilance (PV) Intake

Our cloud-based, omni-channel solution proactively identifies and manages risk within a shifting compliance environment. This groundbreaking solution supports intake from devices, sensors, social media, and other intelligence channels, which alleviates reliance on voluntary patient and provider reporting. Standardized processes and analytics increase visibility into performance, improve operational efficiencies, avoid fines and increase the therapeutic value of your drug and device products.

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