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In a fast-paced and competitive market, healthcare organizations are investing in solutions and product platforms that can support flexible product designs and service all segments – groups, individuals, and government business.

Virtusa’s Technology Innovation as a Service methodology helps organizations realize what is possible by leveraging our Innovation Labs and our Digital API Frameworks. Whether it is mining data residing in EMR, exploring IOT solutions for patient and worker safety, assessing Smart Contract applicability for Blockchain, leveraging AI to differentiate customer experience or Deploying Robotics at an enterprise level, Virtusa will partner with you, eliminating the costs of establishing such disruptive environments. We use these environments as early stage POC to MVP of production systems done in 90-day increments to ensure benefit realization. We also have many of our leading partner solutions in these labs so connecting our APIs and accelerators to your environment is easy and responsive. Virtusa’s DNA in software engineering and Innovation combined with our domain expertise in key verticals such as Healthcare is ready to serve as an extension of your organization to grow market share, increase profitability, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Technology Innovation as a Service

Accelerate ideas into MVPs faster through Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, and an Innovation Platform

Technology Innovation as a Service

Latest surveys and consumer reports continue to confirm what is widely understood and accepted about the US Healthcare system… It is lagging other industries when it comes to innovation. Healthcare is burdened with the same challenges faced by other enterprises – missing innovation strategy, lack of executive-level sponsorship, legacy “IT” is stifling innovation, there is a missing “Voice of the Customer”, lack of skillsets in emerging technologies, and high cost of Innovation. However, Digital Health innovation is progressing rapidly and there is a potential for emerging technologies to drastically improve Health outcomes and member/patient experience.

Virtusa’s Innovation as a Service offering helps organizations incubate and fuel their growth through an organized Design Thinking Framework, Rapid Digital Prototyping capabilities, and an Innovation Platform that can be leveraged to accelerate solution development. Our focus is on enabling our clients deliver innovative solutions that connect payers, providers and members for a personalized customer experience. Our clients often leverage our Innovation labs, which accelerate the ideation of breakthrough concepts and the creation of POC’s or MVP’s that build towards eventual deployments. Whether it is digital transformation, microservices, machine learning, blockchain or intelligent automaton our solutions and methodologies will accelerate your time to market.


Introduce disruptive technologies to transform your business


Virtusa’s innovation labs help companies develop groundbreaking solutions that are uniquely placed in the market. We enable healthcare firms to provide value-added services to Payers and Providers establishing a “Connected” Healthcare ecosystem.

Virtusa xLabs helps organizations incubate and fuel their growth through an organized Design Thinking Framework, Rapid Digital Prototyping, and an Innovation Platform that can be leveraged to accelerate solution development. We have made substantial investments in our in-house Innovation Labs, which rapidly build innovative offerings including AI and Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, Robotics, Microservices and API Platforming.

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