AI and Automation led Next Gen Support

The advent of disruptive digital technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), analytics, machine learning, cloud, and blockchain, is transforming the support services landscape. Most large global businesses are revamping the way they structure their support ecosystems. RPA, when combined with AI, goes beyond simply boosting efficiency and improving productivity in mundane tasks. RPA and AI together can undertake high-value, complex activities with greater accuracy. The audit trail is clear and requires minimal human oversight. The use of RPA and AI in support services is creating new operating models that free up the human workforce to focus on value-adding activities such as high-level analysis, planning, and decision-making.

Successful adoption ushers in savings through improved operational efficiency while also setting the stage for future growth and acquisition activity. Virtusa assists clients in minimizing their risk and sharing the reward through a mutually benefitting gain-share model.

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