Ensure customer experience as a part of your test design strategy

For many years, enerprises have relied on traditional channels to win, serve and retain personal relationships. Today, they are faced with a situation where customer experience is essential for both future growth and bottom line of an organization. As people use more digital channels and have more channels and devices for their interactions, there is an exponential attention for digital customer experience

Customer experience is considered to be the new battleground today. A brand which wants to survive and prosper, needs to necessarily transform itself, into an “experience” business.


Providing an end to end testing solution for multi platform testing with a single automation tool



  • End to end test management
  • Cross paradigm test automation
  • Easy migration to industry tools
  • Mature test automation framework
  • Simplified test script
  • Mobile performance monitoring
  • Distributed parallel execution


Pre-built automation framework for industry standard automation tools and to accelerate testing


With our proven solution for test automation called as Virtusa Test Automation Framework (VTAF), companies can achieve

  • Reduction in test automation costs by as much as 70%
  • 3 times faster automation by natural language like DSL and model driven method
  • Reduction in script porting cost by as much as 90% through a tool agnostic script
  • Reduction in automation test suite maintenance cost to a maximum of 60%

Benefits delivered

  • 3x productivity improvement of test script creation
  • Reduce overall regression test execution effort by over 80%
  • Reduce test cycle time by over 50%
  • Reduce test suite maintenance effort by over 50%

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