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Accelerating time-to-market through Agile solutions

Time is essential for the digital consumers of today. Information Services organizations are struggling to cope with digital transformation on a scale which is far more dramatic than any other industry. Their IT organizations must align themselves with their business priorities and embrace the industry trends and disruptions to deliver the desired business outcomes to their customers and become a digitally competent organization. While working towards building a next-gen enterprise, information services organizations need to build an agile framework and a pipeline for faster time to market of their digital products and services. This change of business models and platforms is triggering the development of a more scalable and agile DevOps model, powered by cloud computing.

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Big Data

Data monetization approach to generate new revenue opportunities

Big Data

Virtusa’s Data Monetization solutions provide data and analytics on a single platform which seamlessly provides information on customers, operations, billing and social media across B2C and B2B clients. Information Services providers are increasingly recognizing the fact that they have large volumes of under-utilized data and are looking for meaningful ways to utilize this available data. Our data management strategies and solutions help organizations define the best approaches for data architecture, data quality, governance, visualization, metadata, taxonomy, security, and storage.