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Payers and Providers need to be more proactive with their data than reactive! This requires organizing data to work so you can unify it, analyze it, visualize it and drive better decisions across all functions of the healthcare value chain. Often hindered by outdated legacy systems that can’t serve critical business insights. Traditional data asset management while still relevant in many cases is attached to specific systems such as provider, clinical, claims, compliance, pharmacy, service or financial data. Outcomes-based delivery and reimbursement require data and analytics throughout the entire patient lifecycle which requires moving away from the traditional data warehouse to a Cloud-based Data Lake that synthesizes structured and unstructured data from disparate sources.

Virtusa helps healthcare organizations build cloud-based data platforms that can house information from the transaction, customer service, wearables, medical devices, and other functions. In the digital age, where consumers and businesses are now embedded in technology, data has become the new goldmine for healthcare as reimbursement moves from admission to the outcome. Let our advanced analytics help you move from retrospective analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics. The privacy and security of the data is protected while the value of the data improves exponentially. While the need for mobile real-time access to dashboards for particular use cases will continue, the monetization of data is how organizations can leverage data to be compliant, improve customer satisfaction, optimize reimbursement and gain new insights into patient care.

Digital Solutions & Services

Healthcare Data & Analytics Services

Turn healthcare data into actionable insights to improve health outcome and improve consumer experience.

Healthcare Data & Analytics Services

Healthcare continues to be a market where there is an abundance of data – from medical records, to wearables and sensors, to patients and their social footprints – yet the industry lacks the ability to capitalize on this data, improve customer engagement or experience, or significantly improve health outcomes for its members/patients.

Virtusa’s Healthcare Analytics practice is focused on building an ecosystem to transform raw data into actionable insights. With over 2000+ associates focused on delivering Consulting, Implementation and Data Migration services, we have over 20 years of experience in Healthcare. Our focus is to position Data Transformation for business growth and advancing competitiveness through Consulting & Co-Innovation, Enabling Agility in Data Platforms, Lowering Cost through a “Factory Model”, Driving outcomes through AI & Cognitive, and delivering Industry specific solutions for differentiated experiences. Our analytics offerings straddle across the maturity continuum from descriptive, through predictive and prescriptive to real-time, cognitive to support decisions that increase value for both company and customers.

Agility in Data Engineering

We are modernizing data platforms to lower technology TCO and to bring agility to Data Engineering – increase agility with real time ingestion capabilities, provision data for advanced analytics & AI use cases and can cater to newer business models including data monetization.

Agility in Data Engineering

We build large Big Data platforms in PB scale & more, on multiple Hadoop platforms including Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM Big Insights, Cloud platforms like Amazon EMR, QUBOLE, and Altiscale. . We re-architect platforms to enable organizations to move from an “Application” and “Product” centric approach to a “Data-As-A-Service” approach.  This includes the data platforming as well as exposing the data through API’s and multi-tenant Data Visualization platforms with built-in security.

We aid clients to move away from expensive relational data platforms to Hadoop using our proven IP and frameworks; furthermore, the transition of Data Integration Platform (ETL platforms) is inevitable due to drivers such as, Cost reduction (High licensing and maintenance cost), Acquisition, Mergers, and migration to Cloud Based Data Lakes.  Through our collaboration with leading Engineering partners, we are aiding companies to convert the existing mappings and legacy home-grown PL/SQL, Pro C codes to an XML file that can be consumed by the target ETL platform, thereby significantly reducing the reengineering effort.

Data Governance

Data Governance is essential for leveraging your most valuable asset – Data. Our integrated view of data governance handles tactical and strategic goals of an enterprise.

Data Governance


We have tools to automate E2E Data Lineage for all your compliance activities; we bring extensive experience in the healthcare domain to undertake design, build and operations of Master Data Management Solutions.  We collaborate with your organization to alleviate data integrity and data quality issues; automate DQ at massive volume / scale with our proven frameworks and accelerators; aid in getting the customer 360 data right; publish master data as a service for all downstream applications; enhance 360 capabilities by integrating non-traditional data sources with the MDM hub; Use 360◦ data to help streamline processes; Utilizing the golden source of records in enhancing digital experience..

We do not stop with Data Governance automation but aid in creating holistic outcome focused Data Governance policies & organization, facilitate Data Stewardship with collaboration at all levels in the enterprise driven by real time metrics & KPIs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

We are successfully leveraging AI/ML to convert business challenges into outcomes using a systematic value driven approach that leverages our Innovation platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Our investments in Virtual AI Lab as a Service, allows our clients to leverage the core innovation team, functional framework, point solutions, accelerators, & integrated partner technologies to ignite their AI/ML initiatives and move from ideation to production. We have applied ML to create a frictionless customer experience in an Omni- channel world, advanced risk and compliance use cases and to improve efficiencies and productivity. We have partnerships with technology leaders and top universities to stay current on IoT data analytics and AI.

We are building healthcare industry specific solutions in collaboration with our clients to create differentiated experiences that encompass industry dynamics and trends, including the following:

  • Discovery & Diagnosis solution built on image processing & Machine Learning techniques for tumor detection,
  • Addressing the problems with quality issues for Provider Directory through of variety of innovative technologies such as NLP and Blockchain as well as best practices in MDM,
  • Leveraging ML/text Analytics for creating a summary report for doctors based on the inputs from biopsy
  • Leveraging IBM Watson to provider new analytic insights for Provider, Care Management and Financial Categories,
  • Collecting sensor data from IOT devices for workers compensation and translating data into actionable insights for worker safety, claims reduction and fraud prevention
  • Using ML & text analytics, Neural Networks identify the type of brain cancer and so on.
Healthcare AnalyticsToAction
Virtusa has partnered with IBM® Watson Health to lead digital transformation in Healthcare.

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