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Virtusa’s cloud-based solutions offer healthcare clients a new computing paradigm that allows you to radically change the way your organization builds, deploys and manages applications – achieving on-demand agility, scalability in operations and reduction in hardware/software costs – allowing teams to focus more on business problems and solutions.

We provide end-to-end cloud-based service offerings that span the entire software spectrum from assessment, migration, implementation, and integration. We accelerate cloud adoption through domain expertise and strategic partnerships with major cloud providers.

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Transforming the way healthcare applications are implemented

Cloud Migration

Software running on cloud is slowing starting to gain momentum in healthcare. Organization are increasingly building apps in the cloud and the public cloud is the default backbone for the “Internet of Things”. On the other hand, stringent regulatory controls have caused hesitance in undertaking of cloud migration initiatives. However, as regulators are recognizing the criticality of cloud to streamline IT infrastructure and cut costs, sufficient safeguards have been put in place to mitigate safety and security concerns. Industry change makers are fast learning that cloud adoption is an accelerator for digital innovation and business disruptors to enhance payer operations and business operations.

At Virtusa, we help clients accelerate cloud adoption through domain and technology expertise and strategic partnerships with Leading CSP Solution and Service Providers. We help healthcare clients transform enterprise IT, improve business capability and reduced overall TCO through cloud led enterprise-wide application transformation. Our Leading solution accelerators & frameworks to reduce implementation time.