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Cloud Database Modernization

Move away form traditional on-premise RDBMS and modernize your data platform with AWS Relational Database Services on the cloud

Data is at the center of all strategic themes and is critical to the success of any digital agenda. However, the biggest struggle with data projects is to keep pace with data growth and the speed of business, while also dealing with aging systems and flat IT budgets. Majority of enterprise systems have not been designed to accommodate vast quantities of data. Conservative ‘scale up’ option by addition of database servers proves to be very expensive while delivering poor price/performance.

This implies that companies seeking to scale up should be looking to utilize Database as a Service (DaaS) on the cloud to handle the growing data management requirements in a cost effective manner.

Cloud enables your data systems to be elastic and helps you realize the following benefits:

  • Agility that allows users to focus on developing better analytical models through rapid prototyping and experimentation
  • High availability for your critical apps
  • Ability to improve performance through proximity of data to analytics services
  • Affordability that frees you from traditional RDBMS licensing costs with pay as you go models
  • Scalability that handles real world spikes in workload
  • Security that meets stringent global regulations
  • Flexibility to handle seasonal workloads

We enable companies to modernize data stores by moving them to the cloud

We are an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premiere Consulting Partner.

Our consulting offerings will help you rationalize your data assets and lay out the data modernization roadmap. Additionally, with our proven delivery methodology, expertise in AWS stack, and a certified pool of global consultant base, we can effectively migrate traditional RDBMS platforms including Oracle & SQL Server to Amazon Aurora or Amazon Redshift.

Find out how Virtusa can help you to modernize your data platform and optimize costs