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Accelerate your business transformation with the power of cloud

Leaders today are looking to set up their enterprise for digital transformation. As a result, they are creating and defining new processes, procedures and organizational structures to leverage agility, speed and flexibility. When business processes are combined with cloud computing and the combination is mutually optimized, it results in an organization wide transformation.

With cloud offering the flexibility of increased uptime and 24/7 availability at a reduced cost, the time frame of concept to digital delivery is fairly reduced when an organization opts to choose cloud computing for its digital transformation journey.

Cloud enabled application transformation

Driving agility, innovation and growth by optimizing existing IT systems to increase operational efficiencies

Cloud enabled application transformation

With Information as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), the cloud provides businesses with an option to offload  a variety of computing and business tasks, thus avoiding the expense and complexity of running their own
technology systems. With the cloud, companies can optimize their capital and operational expenditures, transition to a per-use pricing model, reduce their infrastructure and application costs and speed time to market

Virtusa’s cloud enabled application transformation encompasses the various aspects of cloud enabled

  1. Business process transformation
  2. Business innovation
  3. Application platform rationalization
  4. Application modernization


Transform your business with migration of legacy assets, platform (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) engineering, process automation, cloud/AI/IoT innovation and agile delivery and support


As a global gold partner for SalesForce, we offer the following services to help transform your business

  • Sales – sales process automation, lightning first approach, CPQ expertise
  • Service – ticketing automation, order lifecycle management and contact center transformation
  • Marketing – Helping create, automate and manage campaigns across the customer lifecycle
  • Analytics – Helping set up Einstein wave analytics and facilitating derivation of key predictive metrics
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • CPQ