Reduce manual interventions in IT Support

Majority of IT help desk functions are routine. Often, it’s as simple as a user needing a bit of hand-holding to work through a procedure. The parameters for an action are well-understood, and someone or something can be trained to handle them.

With improvements in technologies like natural language processing, a bot can offer the user immediate interaction, and perhaps even complete the task, without forcing him through ticket systems that are often tedious for both the end user and the help desk.

Digitizing application support with bots can help resolve application failures automatically, analyze and provide recommendations to IT, and streamline IT operations.

Automated Customer Service with Robotics

Reduce full-time equivalents (FTEs) and achieve a better response time in customer service operations

Automated Customer Service with Robotics

The combination of a robotics solution to integrate with customer service systems and a cognitive engine to understand customer queries, respond to simple cases, and route complex ones can help transform customer service operations and make them less FTE intensive.

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