Senior Consultant

Hyderabad, AP, IN

Senior Consultant - (CREQ136650)


The tech lead assists in hiring and training developers and other development roles. They are involved in the interview process in terms of assessing the technical skills of the candidate. Once the candidates are hired, they will also facilitate the training and orientation to the team.
Workload Management
Projects come in different scopes and sizes, and the tech lead must evaluate the workload thoroughly. The goal is to identify the right people to work on each task. It is the tech lead's responsibility to properly delegate workload according to one's skill and experience.
In development, there are often unavoidable issues and roadblocks. The tech lead must collaborate with the team to identify and fix these hurdles. They must be able to fix these problems without compromising their progress with direction from the lead.
Goal Setting
Another important aspect of development is identifying milestones and goals. The tech lead must set SMART goals and align the team with them. Furthermore, there must be metrics for development in order to keep track of the progress.
Tool Updates
The tech lead must ensure all software and applications used for development are functional and relevant. If upgrades are necessary, the team should comply and take time to implement them. This would likewise influence the quality and scalability of the final product.
Security Audit
In addition to ensuring tools are up-to-date, the technical lead must also do regularsecurity audits. It is a systematic assessment of a company's information system to ensure it adheres to a set of standards. Likewise, security audits also help identify areas to improve on.
Lastly, the technical lead must oversee all system modifications. In software development, developers will make both small and big changes to the system. The tech lead's role is to minimize the risk of those changes and ensure they are done properly.
The above mentioned items are just a few of the tech lead s tasks. They may have fewer or more responsibilities depending on the project. Nonetheless, their main goal is to assist in the successful completion of the software project.

Primary Location

: IN-AP-Hyderabad


: Full Time

Job Type

: Experienced


: No

Job Posting

: 28/07/2022, 7:33:11 AM
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