Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Consultant - CREQ84642
  • Proven knowledge of application architecture, networking, security, reliability and scalability concepts; software design principles and patterns; 
  • Solid knowledge and extensive experience of AWS  platforms and their cloud services.  
  • Experience with AWS services as EC2, RDS, API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, ECS, ALB/NLB Load Balancers, S3, EBS, VPC Networking (all foundational elements such as ACLs, Security Groups, Route Tables, Internet & Virtual Private Gateways, etc.), SecretManager, Parameter Store …etc. 
  • Experience with implementing containers using cloud native container orchestrators in AWS 
  • Strong cloud programming skill with experience in API and Lambda development using Python & Node.js 
  • Proficiency in cloud automation using Ansible, AWS CLI, Azure CLI, Cloud formation, terraform, ARM 
  • Hands-on experience with enterprise config & DevOps tools including Ansible, BitBucket, Git, Jira and Confluence. 
  • Strong knowledge of  cloud Security practices and IAM Policy preparation for AWS 
  • Knowledge and experience in API development,  AI/ML, Data Lake, Data Analytics, Cloud Monitoring and Analytics,  
  • Ability to participate in fast-paced DevOps and System Engineering teams within Scrum agile processes 


Primary Location
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Job Type
CTE-Azure Data


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