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Virtusa key messages for spokespersons

  • In a digital landscape that’s constantly changing, Virtusa knows that for transformation to last it requires putting engineering first.

  • No matter what your role is at Virtusa, Engineering First means we are all builders, makers, and doers.

  • At Virtusa, we combine logic, creativity and curiosity to build, solve, and create. Every day, we help clients engage with new technology paradigms, creatively building solutions that solve their most pressing business challenges and move them to the forefront of their industry.

  • Virtusa fosters a culture of innovation and invests heavily in research and development to bring the latest and most advanced technologies to our clients to help them achieve better business outcomes.

  • Virtusa’s client-focused engagement model places a strong emphasis on collaboration and co-creation. This model helps us engineer solutions from the inside out, ensures that our clients get the results they need, and fosters long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Virtusa has deep industry knowledge and experience across verticals, including financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and media and telecommunications, among others. We constantly invest in our employees to build domain expertise as part of their career journeys. This enables us to bring unmatched understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities of specific industries to our clients.
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We build the digital future through world-class, differentiated solutions and services, including consulting & designing, engineering & automating, and analyzing & optimizing to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Clients choose Virtusa because we help them engage with new technology paradigms and creatively build solutions that move them to the forefront of their industry. Whether it’s our leading-edge services, industry expertise, or engineering-first led culture, digital engineering is in our DNA. We enable businesses to leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing to solve their most pressing business challenges, streamline operations, improve customer experiences and drive growth.

Virtusa has a proven track record delivering successful transformation outcomes working with over 200 companies across diverse global industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, media and telecommunications, technology, health and life sciences, among others. Our team of experienced professionals bring a combination of business acumen, technical skills and industry knowledge to help clients achieve their desired objectives and goals. With more than 35,000 world-class employees, Virtusa has a flexible agile approach that enables us to quickly adapt to changing business needs and provide clients with the ability to stay ahead of a tough competitive landscape.

Our vision is that no business is left behind because it lacks the ability to harness the full value of digital technologies. We are on a mission to create business transformation that lasts by putting engineering first. Putting engineering first means never presenting an idea we can’t execute. We are able to build data-driven, intelligent enterprises with high business agility that can navigate challenges through nimble processes and systems. Companies work with us to improve operational efficiency, reduce or avoid costs, and bring best-in-class solutions.

We have an Engineering First approach at Virtusa which allows us to create business transformation that lasts and moves clients to the forefront of their industries. Companies work with us to improve operational efficiency, reduce or avoid costs, and bring best-in-class solutions. At Virtusa, our vision is to solve the toughest engineering challenges for our customers and the world by prioritizing engineering with purpose.

Over our 25+-year history, Virtusa has grown into a global digital engineering firm with 35,000 employees serving more than 200 companies across diverse industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, and telecommunications among others. We have trained 11,000+ domain experts in these industries and have 1,000+ Cloud Trained/Certified engineers and SaaS consultants. Additionally, we have built over 50 proprietary tools and platforms and 150K+ reusable and functional test assets, test cases, and APIs. Our clients, including AstraZeneca, Sirius XM and GoDaddy partner with us to help fulfill their digital transformation needs.

In a digital landscape that’s constantly changing, we know that for transformation to last it requires putting engineering first. At Virtusa, we combine logic, creativity and curiosity to build, solve, and create. Every day, we help clients engage with new technology paradigms, creatively building solutions that solve their most pressing business challenges and move them to the forefront of their industry. The new branding came with much thought and consideration and reflects not just our current culture, but our refined vision for the future of the company. Our engineering mindset and skills make us who we are and doubling down on that will pave our growth path into the future.

At Virtusa, Engineering First means that you don’t just do digital engineering right you also do it with purpose. We use our digital creativity, logic and curiosity to solve challenges in an environmentally sustainable way. Built on our core values of passion, innovation, respect, and leadership we invest in the communities where we work and live and are committed to achieving positive change through digital engineering.

To help support our broader global CSR initiatives, the Virtusa Foundation provides ongoing volunteer opportunities for our global employees. The foundation connects Virtusans who have a spark for doing good with non-government organizations that need support. Whether it’s helping women or people with disabilities get to work safely in India or building schools and hospitals in communities that need them the most, Virtusans strive to create meaningful progress by using their talent and engineering mindset to drive change.

Recently we hosted our inaugural “Engineering Equity Hackathon” to help close the gender gap in engineering by spurring innovation in tech solutions that advance equity while nurturing female talent. More than 65,000 female students registered for the event, which brings career support directly to female coders with built-in mentoring, job opportunities, scholarships and cloud and technology certifications.

Virtusa is building a dynamic, global workforce of the future that maximizes flexibility and accelerates their productivity to deliver the most innovative solutions for our customers. We attract, train and empower the best digital engineers in the world. Our engineering-led culture encourages Virtusans to be creative and curious, build fulfilling careers and perform meaningful work.

Empowering and investing in our employees is more important than ever before. Virtusa is committed to establishing an environment that fosters learning, develops digital engineering and leadership talent, and encourages their insatiable appetite to explore, create and think. Our workplace culture, employee experience and effective leadership was recognized earlier this year when we earned Certification by Great Places to Work for 2022 in seven countries: India, Sri Lanka, US, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE.

Virtusa’s workforce is also its greatest asset. We attract, train and empower our workforce to be creative, curious, build fulfilling careers and perform meaningful work. We’re a people-first organization and are committed to building and nurturing a diverse and high-performing workforce.

By investing in our employees and enhancing culture from within, we’re transforming the way we work to better serve our customers and partners. For instance, throughout their career, our employees have access to our talent marketplace and skills-based assessment tools, a robust training academy with skills, domain, behavioral and leadership training programs, and a talent framework to accelerate member career progressions called Engineering IQ.

The current economic environment has compelled companies to use digital technology primarily to reshape their revenue streams, whether that’s adding new products and services or changing the value proposition of existing products and services.

It’s become apparent that a prevailing trend has been the shift from buying technology to building, composing and assembling technology to meet specific business drivers. We partner with our clients to reimagine enterprises and industries by:

  • Providing best-in-class digital engineering services
  • Bringing deep domain expertise to every engagement
  • Creating an engineering-led culture of builders, makers and doers

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are a great way for us to subjectively see where we stand with our clients to make sure we’re on the same page in terms of trust and partnership. With NPS scores that fall in the 90th percentile in our industry, we hold ourselves to high standards because that’s what our clients expect from us.

Below are a few examples of how our engineering-led culture prioritizes customer centricity:

  • Top Industry Quartile score on NPS for “would you consider for future needs”
  • Security Scorecard rating of 99%
  • BitSight Security rating of 810

According to Gartner1, organizations are seeking operational and/or productivity improvements. Notably, increasing business agility ranks above modernization. We have a strong focus on digital engineering, and our services are specifically tailored to help clients navigate the complex and rapidly evolving digital landscape.

What makes us stand out the most is that we engineer for the enterprise and build the digital future to withstand the unpredictability of tomorrow through bespoke, world-class solutions. Being benchmarked against our competitors is a testament to our leadership position and strength.

  1. Proven in the cloud: We have a rich and diverse enterprise class System Integration ecosystem to shepherd enterprises on their public cloud transformation journeys across the entire lifecycle – whether that’s with AWS, GCP or Microsoft Azure Services.

  2. Proven to modernize: We have a winning app modernization and migration services strategy, with a proven track record to offer full-service life cycle, from consulting to implementation and managed services. Virtusa offers a full stack of app modernization and migration services designed to support complex enterprise needs. This includes helping enterprises eliminate technical debt, build stronger self-service, and maximize efficiencies with application operations. 

  3. Proven to automate: We are a proven player at transforming clients’ software development platforms, applying many of our own innovations including tools to assess requirements’ quality, using natural language processing, and predicting the risk of proposed changes that introduce defects.

Virtusa has built a strong partner ecosystem of 25+ partnerships including Pega and Adobe. Virtusa is also an AWS Premier partner, Google Cloud Premier partner, Microsoft Azure Solutions partner and a Salesforce Platinum partner. These partnerships remove friction for customers and allow Virtusa to work seamlessly within client’s existing internal systems and processes as well as create new technology solutions. This allows customers to accelerate the pace at which they change, disrupt, and tackle today’s business and digital transformation challenges.