Today, leading Insurers are seeking to drive profitable growth and improve customer service. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is helping leading Insurers simplify processes and improve efficiency. Technology improvements, when implemented correctly, are transforming the customer experience throughout the policy lifecycle. As a result, Insurers are transforming into customer-centric organizations, with improvements in every area from quote generation through claims settlement.

In our On-Demand Webinar version, VirtusaPolaris and Pegasystems will explain how a well-defined automation journey driven by RPA empowers Insurers to reimagine operations and provide superior customer experience while lowering overall costs. VirtusaPolaris and Pegasystems are two organizations committed to robotic solutions specifically for the insurance carrier.

Key highlights includes:

  • Understanding RPA and what it can do for an Insurer
  • Why RPA is considered the game-changer in automation initiatives
  • Why should Insurers care?
  • Focus on the Claims process
This on-demand webinar is directed at Operations and Claims leaders who are responsible for sourcing and deploying solutions that deliver benefits to their business operations in a non-disruptive manner and at the lowest possible cost.

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