Mobile Design

Mobile design has its own set of rules and standards that differ greatly from web designing. Consistency in look and feel across devices, clean and intuitive interfaces with the idea of ‘less is more’ rendering optimal performance are the key factors of producing winning designs for mobile applications.

Virtusa’s mobile design is founded upon stringent quality mobile framework, and follows iterative methodology to support high quality user experience/interfaces and constantly changing requirements.

Design thinking

Our experts employ design thinking - a systematic and user-centric approach in understanding client requirements before devising creative solutions that are useful, usable and desirable. Also, such an approach enables quick prototyping, early assessment in the innovation cycle, and saves time taking a winning solution to market.

Mobile-First responsive accelerated solution design (ASD)

Designing for mobile, and then scaling up ensures that functionalities and features are held intact and have room for only improvisation with increased real-estate and connection speed for other channels. (web, desktop, etc.)

We leverage our Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) methodology built on the principles of Design Thinking, Agile and Lean Startup, tools to create designs that assure the best-in-class user experience.Our core offerings in the mobile design space are as follows:

MVP (Proof of concept)

Our vMobile Labs team partners with our clients, designs working prototypes employing cutting-edge technologies and builds POC applications with limited connectivity through an integrated, rapidly accelerated design & build model. Enables ‘Go mobile’ from idea to working code in 8-12 weeks.

Deliverables include:

  • Mobile POC roadmap
  • POC sketches & comps
  • POC prototype in native iOS or Android

UX Design

Going mobile is as much about user experience as about functions and features - possibly more. Our user experience (UX) team is tightly integrated with mobile practice to create delightful, enterprise-grade experiences through conceptual UX design and best-in-class visual design.

Deliverables may vary according to duration and scope of engagement.

Mobile Architecture

Our Mobile Architecture team can either work independently with a client to define their technical roadmap or integrate with our UX team to lay a solid architectural foundation, promising a disruptive experience.

Business Benefits

With our differentiated approach in innovative and thought-led mobile design Virtusa has:

  • Created Omni-channel experience for over 12000 financial & insurance agents
  • Enabled Mobile banking platform supporting next-gen features, photo bill pay and voice login
  • Designed and developed innovative ipad app for financial advisors to discuss goals and investments with clients
  • Designed and implemented app for major television network to sell programming internationally
  • Designed and implemented a comprehensive online learning environment for learners, facilitators, and course developers

To know more about Virtusa’s accelerated solution design (ASD) click here.