Mobility for Hospitality

Our bespoke mobility offerings for the food & beverages industry help you give your customers a unique and differentiated engagement crucial for long-standing business value and brand image.

Our ‘On the Go Ordering’ platform provides hassle-free experience from smartphones/tablets/ In-car touch screen dashboard. It complements our ‘Mobile Wallet’ solution developed in partnership with Paydiant that accords seamlessly with your coffee shop’s existing POS, expediting mobile payments. This makes for a truly engaging mobile experience for you and your customers.

On-the-go-Ordering platform: Mobile Access to Menu, Merchandise, and gift-cards

Browsing through menu galleries from anywhere and ordering from mobile device or using car dashboard largely saves time and enables line-skipping.

Mobile Wallet: Enables paying by preference, encourages promotions through loyalty programs

Complementing your store’s POS with customer’s mobile wallet; enables customers to pay as they prefer. Also, you can surprise them with special offers and promotions to upsell the repeat order value.

Value-added features:

  • Help them find you from anywhere; reward them when they do! – In-built geo-location finder, apps to incentivize
  • Sense their presence & surprise them – Launch special offers as customer reaches vicinity or walks into store (50% off on a café latte with purchase of 1 Big Mac!)
  • Enable pre-ordering and line-skipping - On-the-go ordering platform together with mobile wallet solution
  • Know your customers; remember their preferences – Maintain customer database, previous order history
  • Enable quick access to menu info & m-commerce – Let them browse through menu galleries, encourage gift-cards for family and friends
  • Let them pay as they prefer – Complement your POS with our Mobile Wallet solution

Our long-standing differentiators in the industry include a state-of-the-art mobility lab, R&D Centre of Excellence (CoE) and a dedicated pool of digital-savvy resources that develop robust mobile applications.