Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The next generation of increasingly intelligent process automation has arrived. By rapidly automating business processes, you can expect the most valuable and predictable outcomes. Working with us, you will achieve swift results including new levels of process efficiency, operational cost savings, speed and accuracy, leading to increased revenue growth and productivity gains.

Our RPA services include:

  • ITOPS Automation Consultancy: Our expertise in digital workforce provision will help you identify and capture its potential for your organization. We help you determine which processes can be automated, and the benefits of doing so in terms of P&L improvement, quality, scalability and process improvement. To start, our team performs a rapid assessment, comprising of process, technical and project experts over a period of 4-6 weeks. The outcome of this phase is to prove the concept of a trial process, which helps build a business case. We also produce a benefits case and detailed rollout plan.
  • Efficiency Optimization POC using RPA: We understand that presentations alone cannot convince business investment into RPA hence we have designed cloud-based ready-to-battle-test or custom-test RPA PoCs to test your use cases to the fullest. These PoCs brings higher level of confidence in RPA eventually leading to a strong business case.

  • Onboarding Digital Labour: We work collaboratively with you as a joint team to successfully implement your digital workforce. We bring best-in-class project, process automation and technical expertise and you provide operations and process SMEs to contribute to the overall results. We also forge a close working relationship with IT, as we will work across multiple applications and domains. Our implementation approach and methods provide a rigorous structure to assess, define, build, test and implement automated processes. Expertise built up over multiple implementations and technologies helps us avoid error and delay. In fact, within the industry, we are credited with fastest implementations powered by our rich experience, expertise, tools, methods and a largest repository of pre-built components and utilities to speed up development.

  • Nurture Digital Labor: Many of our clients prefer us to maintain their automated processes on their behalf. Whilst the process knowledge remains firmly with you, we provide expertise to ensure automated processes keep working, can be enhanced when opportunities arise – and when there’s capacity – the creation of new automations. Our service levels can be tailored according to the criticality of the process – with rapid response, in-line with our detailed support framework. In addition, we provide ongoing support to keep software current and maintain a library of client processes and objects to be accessible, if needed for re-use. To enhance your knowledge and experience, we offer access to training and a valuable knowledge base – so you remain informed of new developments, useful insights and guidance.

  • KORE Automation Platform for Managed Services: We have introduced KORE Managed Service Automation Platform to optimize the speed to deploy your digital workforce, ensuring that you swiftly experience the benefits. For a predictable monthly fee, our robots-as-a-service solution provides rapid deployment and scalability – without any in-house IT challenges. Crucially, our Managed Service liberates your team to focus on their process enhancements and driving necessary change across the organisation.