Is it really necessary to update Windows?

Business existed before there were computers, applications and servers, but all enterprises these days would want to try to grow business with the advantages modern tools and technology. Merely having access to the internet with its myriad opportunities for finding customers, building brands and communicating with employees and others can easily justify updating the technology in your office.

But if you’re using XP, well, you’re out of luck, as support for that 12-year-old OS ended a few weeks ago and the same with Office & server 2003. It means you should take action. Microsoft will not provide security updates, support services for these end of support systems.

Microsoft Security Report

Based upon the recent security report from Microsoft, The disparity between the two metrics highlights the importance of moving away from older operating system versions to newer, more secure ones. Computers running Windows XP in 1H13 encountered about 31 percent more malware worldwide than computers running Windows 8, but their infection rate was more than 5 times as high.

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