Mobility Solutions

Today’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement, and mobile usage in general, are revolutionizing modern business. As more and more employees bring their tablets and smartphones into your IT environment, security, compatibility, and access all become business critical concerns.

KoreMobile was designed to address these concerns, knock down the common barriers in the world of mobility, and empower enterprises to expand their reach to wherever their business takes employees.

Mobile Device Management

  • Enrollment of end-user devices, engaging with selected MDM platform - Provisioning, on-boarding and off-boarding of end-user devices
  • Secure end-user devices - Passcode enforcement
  • Configuration of end-user devices - Set-up user profile
  • Monitoring of end-user devices - Real-time status updates of devices within platform
  • Management of end-user devices - Ensure devices remain compliant within established policies
  • Support of end-user devices - Secure lost/stolen devices

Mobile Security

  • Creation, configuration and deployment of IT security policies for devices (e.g. encryption, access restrictions, etc.) - User security, device security, application security, document security, data security, email security, network security
  • Ensure compliance within client’s established policies
  • Management of device wipes

Mobile Application Management

  • Administration of all licensed applications packaged into given MDM platform
  • Distribution of applications to each end-user device
  • Security of data inside applications
  • Application tracking and version management
  • Management of application lifecycle, including the staging and distribution of software to end-user devices

Mobile Content Management

  • Ensure enterprise-grade content security
  • Control content storage options
  • Provide secure document distribution
  • Secure file-sharing among mobile devices

Multi User Management

  • Manage and secure shared devices - Deploy profiles for multiple users on single device
  • Simplify end-user experience
  • Configure shared devices - Provide different resources for different people, on the same device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • Enable device choice
  • Easily enroll devices
  • Manage personal devices
  • Protect employee privacy
  • Mitigate business risks
  • Enable self-service management