Technology Offerings

Our QA services are designed to help you overcome application failures and ensure QA across the full span of the SDLC.

Managed QA Services and QA Center of Excellence

Our QA Centers of Excellence governs how testing organizations engage and deliver highly efficient testing solutions for enterprises.

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Mobile Quality Assurance

Our mobility QA expertise spans functional QA, performance QA, compatibility QA, security QA, usability QA and interoperability QA.

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Functional QA

Our software QA services focus on validating business solutions. Our rich experience and proficiency in approaches, methodology and process helps us provide comprehensive testing solutions.

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Non functional QA

Virtusa has a host of services for non functional QA to ensure that your implementations are robust and stable.

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Regression Testing

Regression testing at Virtusa involves testing a sub set of conditions through risk assessment, impact assessment and prioritization.

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