Delivering better quality and faster time-to-market at a lower cost

At Virtusa, we deliver 40% better quality, 50% faster test cycle execution and 30% lower cost of testing. These accelerated business outcomes are achieved through our disruptive QA tools & approach.

Highlights of our QA offering:

  • Product engineering heritage: Our experience of working with thousands of product releases in cost constrained environment has led us to adopt innovative solutions
  • Innovative tools and accelerators that plug in with industry standard platforms like QTP & Selenium
  • Test execution transformed to business contribution through process reduction, improved quality, and compressed UAT and production defects
  • SLA and metric driven approach, coupled with a robust project governance methodology and transparent execution philosophy
  • Creating a permanent climate within an organization for continuous QA improvement
  • 18+ years of proven QA experience with more than 4000 dedicated QA professionals

Efficiency beyond cost arbitrage

Our innovative QA tools and frameworks such as ERA, OSCAr and VTAF help you achieve next level of efficiency along with significant cost savings.

  • AUTOMATE applications 3 times faster than traditional methods
  • REDUCE test design effort by 30 % and test execution effort by 40 %
  • OPTIMIZE cost of automation by 70 %
  • MINIMIZE testing effort by 50 %

Innovation is in our DNA, Quality is our practice

Complete transparency

At Virtusa, we further drive QA through our millennia philosophy that is deeply rooted in improving workforce productivity with unparalleled transparency. Our transparent approach gives visibility into the last level of work – by associate, by application, by ticket. We achieve 100 % transparency by continuous improvement through gamification, aligning business, IT and delivery planning, keeping global teams aligned and through real-time business –delivery dashboards.

Business alignment

At Virtusa, we follow a business first approach and we collaborate closely with our clients to identify what is important for their business. We implement a series of accelerators, underpinned by the Virtusa Test Methodology and governed by robust SLA’s and KPI’s which are directly linked to business outcomes. Our SLA based approach to quality management allows managed services projects to be built with multi-year discounts, long-term efficiency and true partnership with our clients. For e.g. we have best-in-class QA metrics like time to find a defect, test coverage and test effectiveness which identify key QA areas impacting overall business performance.