Pega Testing: Virtusa's ADOPT (Accelerated DOmain solutions for Pega Testing) Framework

While companies digitize and transform their organization with PEGA, they are challenged to reduce cost of quality, deliver in an agile environment and create defect free, right first time applications. It is critical for organizations to engage the services of a quality assurance partner who understands the product, has the right domain expertise, tools and accelerators to ensure business objectives are met.

ADOPT, Virtusa’s comprehensive testing framework for Pega based applications helps deliver cost optimization without compromising quality.

This framework follows a proven 8-step approach and is supported by inbuilt PEGA tools as well as innovative Virtusa accelerators that allow testing teams to :

  • SHIFT the focus on quality LEFT
  • Drive down the testing effort by more impact based - algorithmic optimizing of test coverage
  • Accelerate test designs with reusable test assets and drive out the inefficiencies of test automation.

Our industry-wide Pega testing expertise

Business benefits delivered

For a leading healthcare company:

  • Achieved 20% YoY reduction in production defects
  • Reduced performance scripting time by 80%
  • Reduced test data management effort by 40%

For a global diagnostic device and service provider:

  • Achieved zero production defects despite product rollout to 60 countries
  • Reduced regression test time by >40%

For a leading insurance service company:

  • Eliminated > 90% critical defects prior to formal E2E test cycle
  • Reduced first time failure rate to <10%
  • Reduced time-to-test by 30%


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