Virtusa OSCAr Framework

Virtusa provides OSCAr (Optimal Scenario Calculation Algorithm) framework that serves as a tool for black-box test designing – a combinatorial testing accelerator that simplifies the optimum number of permutations to be tested.
OSCAr highlights

  • Cloud based web framework
  • Define decision points using a graphical mind-map
  • Define restrictions to control resulting scenario set
  • Prioritized test generation allows focused testing
  • Easy test scenario management
  • Reduce test design effort by ~30%

OSCAr in Virtusa’s test approach
In the planning phase of test execution, the business flows, decision points and the test plan are finalized. OSCAr comes into play in the design phase where the optimal test scenarios are identified. OSCAr helps map the decision points and alternate possibilities using a graphical mind-map. We then need to define the rules and exceptions so the final scenarios will be aligned with business logics. The rules can be defined on attribute levels to control the resulting scenario set. The OSCAr framework then generates the optimal test scenarios.

Business benefits
• Reduces test design effort by ~30%
• Improves test execution by ~40%


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