Claims Management

SAP FS-CM is an insurance solution specifically designed for easy access to all aspects of the claims life cycle. The main components of FS-CM include:

  • Role-based access to all areas of the user interface to protect claims data
  • Direct interface to SAP FS-CD for the processing of refunds and claim payments (both one-time and recurring)
  • Direct interface to SAP FI-GL for posting of provisions
  • Direct interface to SAP FS-PM to retrieve the required policy coverage data to assess claims coverage/evaluate claims
  • External interfaces to policy management system, if FS-PM is not implemented, to an accounting system, if FI-GL is not implemented, and a billing system if FS-CD is not implemented
  • External interfaces to support reporting to regulatory authorities
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) interface for the processing of incoming and outgoing documents during the life cycle of a claim
  • Automated workflow for the creation and assignment of claims handlers on basis of incoming ECM documents
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Office ™ to support pre-filled claim forms
  • Ability to manage disputes related to a claim
  • Ability to adjust the claims processing rules by using the Business Rules Framework (BRF)
  • Ability to extend the standard solution with custom fields and screens using SAP’s Business Data Toolset (BDT)