Software Selection

Procurement of new software is a complex investment decision. A thorough investigation should precede such a decision. Changes to processes and systems that are required to achieve the project goal should be noted. Only a comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors ensures a solid basis for such a decision. The goal is to determine a clear integration strategy and a realistic "time and budget planning". We support our customers in the development of solutions in the following areas:

  • Process analysis - Documentation of associated core processes, determination of processes and implementation options
  • Prototyping - Verification of integration solutions, functional and process mapping
  • Cost-benefit analysis - Identification of the potential benefit, ROI determination

Virtusa provides objective support in your decision making. Virtusa’s consultants have conducted numerous software selection analyses and contributed as the decisions were made based on comprehensive and comprehensible information. We would be pleased to accompany your selection process and jointly work out the qualitative and quantitative basics for your investment decision.