Splice Machine

The Splice Machine RDBMS is a unique hybrid database that combines the advantages of SQL, the scale-out of NoSQL and the performance of in-memory technology. Splice Machine is an affordable and a modern, scale-out alternative to traditional database platforms, such as Oracle®, MySQL™, IBM DB2® and Microsoft SQL Server®, that can deliver over 20x performance improvement at 1/4th of the cost. Splice Machine database is the First RDBMS Powered by Hadoop and Spark. As a full-featured Hadoop RDBMS with ACID transactions, the Splice Machine database helps business power real-time applications and operational analytics, especially while approaching Big Data scale.

Splice Machine offers a competitive value proposition and challenges to replace industry leading RDBMSs like Oracle with its wide range of benefits from a technology and commercial standpoint:

  • Accelerate Data Processing Pipeline to minutes or even seconds
  • Gracefully handle data quality issues and failed queries without full data reloads
  • Offers the Best of Both Worlds - SQL and transactions of RDBMSs and Scale-out of NoSQL
  • Streamlined Hadoop pipeline reduces operational costs with less complexity; reduced processing time and errors with fewer translations and real-time updates for data cleansing
  • Seamless Integration of Structured and Unstructured Data - Optimizing storage and querying of structured data as part of ELT or Hadoop query engines
  • Better SQL support
  • 20x better price/performance
  • Use cases: Operational Data Lake, Internet of Things, Digital Marketing, Precision
    Medicine, Fraud Detection and many others

We are Premier ‘Splice’ implementation partner. We have over 50 dedicated ‘Splice’ certified associates with deep skills in Hadoop, databases and other DWBI areas offering end to end services including: consulting, migration assessment & planning, Splice implementation and Migration from other data platforms.

For more details, please visit: http://www.splicemachine.com/