Social Business Solutions

In today’s fast evolving online market spaces, businesses understand the increasing need for empowering employees, partners and customers to interact more closely with each other through social networks. Web 2.0 tools such as peer-to-peer applications, blogs, wikis, social networking tools, collaboration tools facilitate end users with enhanced creativity, information sharing and collaboration.

With a view to monetize social interactions, Virtusa offers a wide range of functional and industry-specific social business solutions:

  • Help clients adopt social media for business as it evolves from "consumer-oriented" to supporting "business-oriented" systems
  • A collaborative, structured approach to measure and expand social footprints that appropriately takes advantage of social technologies
  • Measure social reach
  • Define strategic roadmap
  • Implement solution and SEO
  • Analyze social activity
  • Empower knowledge workers at organizations with intelligence to fill gaps in decision support for both strategic and tactical decisions

Business benefits

  • Increased internal/external collaboration - Information sharing and knowledge management for increased productivity, thought-leadership interaction for increased employee/customer participation/felicitation
  • Cost effectiveness through reduced cost of content creation and improved quality of training through course rating
  • Market effectiveness resulting from scalable, highly integrated, process driven social frameworks and solutions, increased market reach through social networking, increased product publicity and advertising reach and faster time-to-market through our proven experience in implementing solid tools, templates and methodology for existing customers.