Media Accelerator Toolkit

The importance of digital asset management is increasing with the rise in the need for rich media in websites. Many analysts agree that by cultivating a good digital asset management system and media accelerators, organizations can significantly reduce their operational costs. Vast amount of time is taken by the content authors to convert and use the digital media to suit their requirements. Many of the applications available in the market are typically not cost effective, platform agnostic, standardized, or integrated with content management systems and portal systems.

The Virtusa Solution

Leveraging our vast ECM implementation knowledge, Virtusa has created Media Accelerator Toolkit (MAT). MAT is a vendor agnostic solution that provides complex rich media capabilities in real time, while enhancing flexibility for content authors, and reducing the content creation time and effort. Our media accelerator enables conversion and manipulation of digital media assets.

MAT provides a harvested solution which includes 6 components:

  • Image Resize. Resizes the image into multiple sizes simultaneously, enabling you to choose the required image size on the webpage. This would mitigate the necessity of resizing the image through an external application every time.
  • Image Conversion. Converts the format of one or more images at a time which simplifies content authoring process.
  • Audio Conversion. Converts audio files into the required audio format. It also provides bulk conversion capabilities.
  • Video Conversion. Converts the format of different video files. Based on your requirement you can change the format of one or more video files to another format simultaneously.
  • Ad Server Integration. Integrates the advertisements on your websites from the ad server while automating the management of content. It has a scheduler which would change or refresh the advertisement.
  • Video Feed Integration. Integrates videos into your webpage and changes them based on your required schedule. our media accelerator could also fetch videos from a defined video source at the desired schedule.

Virtusa developed a three step methodology for implementing MAT, which would successfully integrate MAT with client systems.

  • Identify specific customer requirements, restrictions of delivery channels and the existing ECM environment
  • Develop the media accelerator solution as per the customer requirements and integrate with the existing systems
  • Support through testing, knowledge transfer and any other additional rich media functionalities

Solution Benefits

By implementing this solution, firms can realize:

  • Significant reduction in effort and time required for development/conversion of rich media
  • Increased return-on-investment with cost effective integrated media solution
  • Pluggable, platform independent solution which can be easily integrated
  • Extensible solution which can include new features and can be customized as per requirements