Globalization Solution

Globalization Solution

Manual translation of content is highly expensive. Organizations, therefore seek third-party translation tools to provide localization capabilities. The complexity of these products coupled with their lack of integration with CEM systems (where the content resides), leads to content being duplicated across multiple systems, resulting in higher cost of managing content. Also, the translation workflow becomes complex, causing user dissatisfaction.

Our CEM globalization solution provides customers streamlined globalization capabilities by:

  • Integrating our translation tool with customer’s Content Management System (CMS) and portals for automated translation while also providing the ability to review and modify translation if needed
  • Adopting translation tools such as Google translation engine, idiom worldserver and to provide automated translation services at low cost
  • Automated content translation within CMS
  • Translation workflow within CMS
  • User friendly previews within CMS
  • Easy management and tracking of translated content items
  • Translation of resource bundles and property files

Our proprietary translation methodology (Discovery, Design and Deployment) ensures success of an organization’s globalization initiatives. Customers can create, translate, manage and deliver multilingual content.

Business Benefits

Our globalization solution provides high quality internationalization and translation services to our existing customers. At large, the CEM globalization solution:

  • Decreases translation cost by minimizing manual content translation
  • Reduces customization costs by providing tight integration with CEM systems
  • Increases ease of use by providing user-friendly translation interface
  • Reduces development time, thereby allowing organizations to expand into global markets faster