Content Consolidation

With the meteoric rise in the volume of enterprise content, organizations need to re-organize fast to make digital information assets accessible and usable in a way that improves efficiency and contributes strategically. Enterprise Content Optimization plays a pivotal role in implementing these strategies. As ‘right content at the right place’ becomes the norm across industries, there is an increased focus on content consolidation, content optimization, smarter storage, indexing and classification in order to reduce clutter, enhance contextualization and lower costs attributable to content storage and administration.

Virtusa's Content Consolidation Approach

Virtusa uses its deep domain expertise and longstanding relationships with key industry stakeholders to take a clear-cut solution approach for an unrivalled content consolidation and content optimization solution. Some key aspects are listed alongside.

The solution:

  • Incorporates elimination of redundant, duplicate and trivial data, thereby resulting in smaller, efficient data repositories and smooth data migration
  • Enhances operational efficiency apart from reduction in manual effort, through smarter organization of data and better governance rules
  • Increases sensitivity risk and compliance and better technological scalability to make the content ecosystem agile and future-proof