Content Process Outsourcing

Firms are re-engineering their processes to move away from specialized systems that operate in silos to cater to specific output types and are moving towards custom content platforms that allow increased interoperability, flexibility and reuse of content. While content production processes are becoming increasingly centralized, content processing presents exciting possibilities of not only cutting costs, but also utilizing specialist expertise for content assets. This is applicable especially for organizations whose core business offerings do not cover creative services. Consistent production of outstanding creative designs ensures conformance to corporate brand guidelines in addition to improving reusability and cycle time thorough automation. Our state-of-the-art solutions for content processing include:

Creative Process Outsourcing

Our 70+ member strong team of content experts boast of expertise in Flex, Flash, Photoshop, AJAX, Java script, dream weaver, illustrator, InDesign, after effects and other UI and creative skills.

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Content Consolidation

Virtusa leverages its deep domain expertise and longstanding relationships with key industry players to take a clear-cut solution approach for an unrivaled content consolidation solution.

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