e-Health Accelerator

Virtusa and Element Solutions with their healthcare industry expertise and customer experience management skills introduce cost-effective eSite Accelerator for driving personalized online patient experience quickly. Core features of the e-Health Accelerator solution include:

  • Development, testing and production implementation for public sites, microsites and other intranet portals accelerating time to markets
  • Achievement of required ROI within the necessary timeframe with a set of robust pre-built content management and transactional capabilities
  • eSA’s 35+ modules are designed to significantly accelerate solution implementation by adopting industry best practices and process recommendations
  • Detailed checklists and templates for healthcare organizations to streamline development and provide value-added features

Business benefits

  • Reduced implementation time
    • e-Health Accelerator significantly reduces implementation time by building websites using pre-built solution accelerators
  • Increased user satisfaction
    • Seamless content authoring and delivery by business users using less effort resulting in increased productivity
    • More clarity to business by providing business users with pre-built wireframes translating in requirements matching specifications and quick approvals
  • Reduced costs
    • Significant reduction in IT infrastructure costs including hardware costs and maintenance by minimizing implementation issues through cloud deployment
    • Cost savings achieved by building sites using solution accelerators - this helps avoid writing code from scratch thereby reducing the need for senior technical resources