Cloud migration factory

Enterprises world-wide are embracing cloud computing technologies by migrating their diversified portfolio of applications to cloud to gain agility, transparency and cost control. With rising business demands, the number of applications and their instances also increase. Hence, there is need for a system that can not only host these applications but also scale up and down as required.

Our cloud migration factory model enables cloud adoption for be it applications migration or development from the scratch. This model employs repeatable processes and re-usable artifacts for application migration. Our extensive, diversified experience of employing assessment, migration, implementation and integration of cloud solutions has enabled us to design our model with capabilities to identify and align with organizational platforms (infrastructure and application), architecture blueprints, policies and guidelines providing balance cloud portability.

We follow a distinctly well-structured approach to meet and surpass organizations’ needs, and assess the primary technology modules like infrastructure, applications, processes etc., only post which appropriate cloud computing components are deployed.