Virtusa Cloud Order Management System

Virtusa provides a white label solution for order management on SFDC platform. It is a prebuilt platform and has rapid customization and extensibility capabilities. It has a pre-built integration framework with product modeling tools and product catalogs.

Solution highlights:

  • Established robust workflow : Dynamically adapts to the business, easily plugs-in new applications
  • Configurable implementation of order management workflow
  • White label solution: Pre-built platform, pre-built integration framework with Product Modelling Tool, proven technology
  • Pass Cloud on Pay-as-you-go cost model, metadata driven architecture, integration with mobile devices

" Virtusa migrated existing customer order management system of a leading multinational telecommunications services company to platform. We streamlined their complex order processing user journey besides developing custom user interfaces. The intuitive user interfaces improved business capabilities and helped reduce time-to-market."

Business benefits:

The cloud solution streamlines the order management system to provide improved customer satisfaction. The platform:

  • Improves operations efficiency by increasing process automation
  • Facilitates faster roll out of services with pre-built components
  • Accelerates time-to-market by up to 60%
  • Reduces order fallout by ensuring pre-defined order capture processes
  • Provides order visibility and tracking across the product delivery lifecycle, ensuring appropriate communication at every stage
  • Reduces TCO and improves cost savings
  • Improves ‘Right First Time’ by 95% through metadata-driven pre-built order management capability