Virtusa SFDC Solution Accelerators

With proven expertise in providing business focused SFDC solutions, Virtusa has developed industry-leading solution accelerators and frameworks. Some of our SFDC solution accelerators are mentioned below:

  • Email Response Processing Framework helps in interacting with the Salesforce system without the users logging into Salesforce and hence automating business processes like approvals etc.
  • Single Sign- on (SSO) using SAML2 and OpenSSO implementation provides security on all levels of entry/ exit/ access to systems without the inconvenience of re-prompting users for their credentials multiple times.
  • Reusable SLA Framework with configurable SLAs helps to improve different business processes like auto-approvals, escalations etc.
  • SSO USING OAuth2 framework allows secure authorization in a simple and standardized method from web, mobile and desktop applications.
  • Customer Authentication Module (CAM) framework leverages Sites concept in Salesforce and authenticates users logging into system based on browser cookies.

SFDC Pega Integration

Our SFDC framework integrates with Pega to automate and manage the entire sales process from leads through fulfillment.

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Cloud Order Management System

Virtusa provides a white label solution for order management on SFDC platform. It's a pre-built platform with an integration framework having rapid customization and tremendous scalability.

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