Strategic partnership with AWS to build scalable, reliable and secure cloud computing platforms

Strategic relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build scalable, reliable and secure cloud computing platforms

We are Premier Consulting Partner in competencies that include Migration and DevOps. We are also a Global Reseller of all AWS Cloud offerings.

Our extensive experience in strategizing transformational journeys for global enterprises to AWS cloud combined with the market leading services from AWS on delivering reliable and secure on-demand infrastructure, we enable organizations accelerate their business transformation with the power of innovative cloud solutions.

Our AWS cloud services include:

Migration assessment and comprehensive cloud strategy

  • Cloud readiness check: Detailed assessment of the existing applications and hosting solutions
  • Cohesive approach to strategy: Comprehensive cloud strategy to meet business and technical goals – financial objectives, regulatory & compliance requirements, application discovery and classification constraints
  • Compatibility check: Identification and alignment of applications suitable for AWS
  • Accelerating implementation: Piloting of applications and Proof-of-Concept on AWS; Reference architecture and implementation
  • Planning and estimation: Infrastructure and migration planning, development of roadmap and cost estimates

Migration and implementation

  • Facilitating migration: Data and application migration; hybrid migration strategy; planned cut over;
  • Implementation and application deployment: Comprehensive infrastructure and application architecture implementation, deployment and delivery of applications on AWS cloud
  • Application integrations: Cross-platform application integration with existing on premise infrastructure and gateway implementation
  • Leveraging native cloud features: Auto-scaling, automation, elasticity, high-availability, Disaster Recovery (DR), backup, archival and storage strategy
  • Cloud security: VPC, Subnets, ACLs, locked down security groups, IP tables, penetration testing etc.
  • Quality Assurance: Functional testing, UAT, performance testing, fail-over and DR testing
  • Monitoring services: Monitor tools and frameworks, command and control center, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Managed services

  • Optimizing: Utilization and performance optimization for efficient process framework
  • Re-engineering: Services for ensuring that applications smoothly adapt to AWS cloud. Re-factor application architecture and embrace additional AWS services
  • Automation: Complete infrastructure and application deployment automations using various tools and techniques like AWS CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Chef, Puppet, CloudInit etc.

AWS Jumpstart: Your gateway to a faster and flexible access to the power of cloud

"How long will it take to migrate application to cloud?" – A frequent question in the minds of most cloud adopters.

Our answer. "2 weeks"

Jumpstart is a packaged “Test Drive” service offering provided in cooperation with AWS to help enterprises get on AWS in a short turn-around time. It allows customers to test the waters with cloud adoption, and the program has no strings attached. At an enterprise level it can be implemented as a proof of concept for cloud migration or as a pilot implementation of a longer cloud migration roadmap.

Jumpstart is a two weeks, time-boxed, implementation and is designed to deliver applications on the cloud utilizing AWS. Available at an all-inclusive fixed price, Jumpstart migrates two chosen pilot applications to the AWS cloud. At the end of two weeks, applications are fully functional and testable on AWS.