Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio AssessmentOur Portfolio Assessment solution helps organizations rationalize their application portfolios by using objective data and creates an ongoing portfolio optimization mechanism. We utilize a balanced approach considering both quantitative and qualitative factors, as well as strategic and tactical perspectives, to maximize value and achieve a balance amongst multiple priorities and criteria.
Portfolio Assessment helps our clients to:

  • Identify / prioritize applications that offer higher value
  • Align IT assets to business imperatives
  • Enable organizations to recognize tradeoffs and opportunities to invest in strategic areas while potentially reducing costs in non-core business areas

Portfolio Assessment comprises four parallel tracks that focus on:

  • Current state applications and their functions
  • Business imperatives and vision
  • Enterprise architecture & integration needs
  • Data & metrics of costs /user-base/usage

Usage Scenarios

Portfolio Assessment generally benefits a broad range of clients who are experiencing the following situations:

  • Increasing cost of maintaining and managing complex & redundant technology assets
  • Reduced efficiency due to siloed applications
  • Lower overall business agility
  • Proliferation of applications that support the business
  • Technology integration as part of mergers & acquisitions
  • Slower response of technology infrastructure to changing market needs

Key Deliverables

Portfolio Assessment helps manage divergent opinions of various stakeholders and aligns them. The following are some of the key deliverables of portfolio assessment:

  • Context-specific tailored portfolio analysis model
  • Scoring & weighting criteria reflecting both business and technology goals and priorities
  • Portfolio analysis scorecard
  • Future state application portfolio
  • Actionable roadmap