Complex Program Management

Maturity curve for program management

Program management is a complex issue for businesses and IT. The complexities stem from multiple initiatives and interdependencies that are the outcome of complex designs.

Organizations are good at managing the tactical aspects of projects and programs but begin to fall short when complexity is high.

Our program management approach is based on the management of six fundamental factors. To achieve successful results each factor must be established, structured, managed and measured to ensure program success. The six factors are:

  • Validating vision, objectives, scope and deliverables
  • Staffing the key leadership positions for all stakeholder areas
  • Establishing the governance structure
  • Planning the approach with attention to detail and achievement of the business objectives
  • Ensuring the quality of resources and roles to deliver the program successfully
  • Managing the program with a common set of processes and tools

Six critical factors for a successful complex program

Our Global Program Management Practice focuses on programs that are business led, technology focused, of greater complexity, and that requires an integrated set of structures, plans and tools to manage.