Solution Selection ASD

Solution Selection ProcessSolution Selection ASD allows rapid vetting of solutions, identification of best-in-class options, real-life use case testing of key business scenarios and matching of requirements and needs to technology options – enabling optimal decision making.

Usage Scenarios

Solution Selection ASD is best suited for scenarios where:

  • Choice of technology solutions to solve key business challenges are many and complex
  • Point solutions and large players pitch for the same solution areas
  • Stakeholders have differing needs and different ideas on how best to solve business issues

Key Deliverables

  • Comprehensive view of multiple technology options to vet best-in-class solutions and to quickly short-list key solutions
  • Engagement in in-depth analysis of every short-listed solution
  • Produce proof-of-concept to enable hands-on analysis of capabilities
  • Provide users, technology players and experts a view of individual solution capabilities