Solution Design ASD

Solution Design ASDThe Solution design ASD methodology is designed to accelerate requirements gathering by leveraging our 24-hour software prototyping capabilities. The ASD helps to:

  • Increase speed of implementation: Shorten development life cycles accelerating time-to-market
  • Enhance requirements clarity: Clearly defined requirements and scope
  • Improved user acceptance: User and business acceptance of IT deliverables
  • Manage divergent opinions: Key stakeholders consistently involved and aligned

Usage Scenario

The Solution Design ASD can be applied to a variety of business scenarios including:

  • Business and IT requirement to accelerate output
  • Consolidation of multiple stakeholder views
  • Consistent stakeholder participation
  • Agile build on short notice
  • Shortened development cycles
  • Improved user acceptance
  • Programs running behind schedule

Key Deliverables

After the workshop, the prototypes and solutions are finalized enabling clients to transition quickly into development of the new solution. Key deliverables include:

  • User profiles, target state design: User characteristics – Goals, tasks and responsibilities, current and future state process flow(s)
  • Prototypes: Mock ups, storyboards, property matrices
  • Use cases, requirements documents: Data requirements, technical requirements, rules and validation, interface requirements
  • Project plan and governance plan for build phase: Detailed project plan, resource requirements, roles and responsibilities, cost estimates

Methodology to help Virgin

Methodology to help Virgin

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