Customer Experience ASD

Customer Experience ASDHelps clients realize their vision through defining and visualizing the transformative change elements. Approach covers:

  • Executive interviews
  • Workflow
  • Systems rationalization
  • DILO (day-in-the-life-of) analysis
  • Persona distillation
  • Core journey identification
  • User story

Usage Scenarios

The customer experience ASD can be applied to a variety of business scenarios, such as:

  • Customer experience vision and assessment for organization-wide customer experience implementation
  • Customer experience assessment and metrics definition to identify opportunities across customer facing functions
  • Consistent customer experience across channels of engagement
  • Personalized experience unique to the customer by combining insights and business intelligence
  • Consistent associate experience in customer facing roles by driving systems innovation and process improvement
  • Transition from sales-based to relationship-based model

Key Deliverables

  • Current state analysis: Blend of ‘day in the life of the customer’, current state process maps, role persona breakdown, core journey maps with pain points and design ideas
  • Future state customer experience: Desired capabilities for the future state, future state customer experience design for selected journeys and experiences, low resolution and high resolution designs, prototype/mock-up of the experience, design principles
  • Technology design: Required technology architecture and design strategy to achieve the future state
  • Roadmap: Implementation roadmap to deliver customer experience that looks across technology build, process changes and organizational/change management components
  • Program management: Recommendations and designs around program design and governance, communications and change management approaches