Conceptual Design & Roadmap

Phases of Conceptual Design & Roadmap ASDThe Conceptual Design & Roadmap ASD helps decisionmakers to increase clarity in scope, business objectives and requirements by:

  • Jumpstarting major strategic initiatives
  • Aligning divergent stakeholder opinions for consensus
  • Developing a detailed view of short and longer term goals within a transformation map

Usage scenarios

The Conceptual Design & Roadmap ASD can be applied to a variety of business scenarios, such as:

  • Visioning: Set program/product vision
  • Create momentum: Jumpstart major strategic initiatives and accelerate transformation cycles
  • Prioritization and budget: Bring alignment and resolve disconnects between IT and business stakeholders or between different lines of business; determine program/product budget
  • Roadmap: Outline overall plan, key milestones, governance approach and resource needs
  • Conceptual Design: Vet design alternatives and build high level architecture for the selected design

Key deliverables

  • Clear articulation and consensus on program goals, objectives and capability needs
  • Definition of future state conceptual design including mapping of core processes, business requirements and key scenario capture
  • Development of the technical solution approach and architecture, process and technology assessment and documentation of key dependencies
  • Creation of long term, phased roadmap along with a detailed 90 day plan
  • Creation of a program management plan involving a governance, test strategy and risk mitigation approach and documentation of key roles and responsibilities defined using a RACI model