Accelerated Solution Design

The Virtusa driven Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) workshop enables collaboration by bringing together divergent thought processes from multiple stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), converging them into holistic, tangible and actionable outcomes.

Benefits of ASD

Four types of ASD

  • Reduces time-to-market by up to 50%
  • Brings higher project transparency to the project across business and technology stakeholders
  • Improves alignment, expectations and buy-in of diverse stakeholders
  • Enchances accuracy of scope, business objectives & requirements
  • Improves the overall quality of the solution designed

ASD types

  • Conceptual Design & Roadmap ASD: helps clients jumpstart programs and align organizations around an accepted vision and establish a roadmap for major programs
  • Customer Experience ASD: helps clients realize their vision through defining and visualizing the transformative change elements
  • Solution Selection ASD: using rapid prototyping and established vendor management techniques, Solution selection ASD assists clients to finalize multiple software solutions under consideration
  • Solution Design ASD: Focusing on defining and prototyping requirements, building technical designs, including key data and interface requirements, it enables organizations to rapidly progress into the development phase

Conceptual Design & Roadmap

The Roadmap ASD typically comprises four parallel tracks, each addressing an element of program execution needed for success.

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Customer Experience ASD

Our approach commences with a fact finding phase followed by a detailed analysis phase culminating in a workshop.

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Solution Selection ASD

The Solution Selection ASD brings a structure, methods and toolkit of knowledge and best practices to de-politicize the process of selecting the right technology for the business needs.

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Solution Design ASD

The Solution Design ASD is a methodology designed to meet the customer need to accelerate requirements gathering with a process that enables the agile development process to commence right away.

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