Pega CRM

The key to growth and stability in today’s market place is in forging long-term customer relationships. Companies should abandon from the view that customers represent immediate sales transactions. Instead, they must view customers as long term relationships, keeping in mind the potential business that they will bring over the years. Customer relationship management’s (CRM’s) four step process of implementing customer-centric business strategies, redesigning functional roles, re-engineering work processes and supporting with CRM technology’s commerce enabled applications has helped organizations reduce transfer rates, system bugs, time to market and increase automation of flows.

With the ever increasing competition to offer risk management services and manage technical connections, the Payment services industry is being forced to revamp their legacy systems and leverage the benefits of CRM. This case study discusses the legacy system revamp need of a client whose existing application doesn’t support workflows. It briefs the solution developed for the dispersed customer information, incongruent flow of reports and increasing load of unresolved queries on the support executives.

What We Offer

Pega systems Customer Process Manager (CPM) was used to build next-generation CRM system and the solution was effectively integrated into the client’s overall architectural landscape. Virtusa in a joint effort with client’s teams, adopted an agile methodology using multiple releases for the implementation and delivery of the solution. The architecture developed has Case Manager as the middle layer between Pega and IVR to handle case creation and routing logic and the payload is passed from the Phone/Email to the Pega via SOAP calls. Authentication done in IVR is passed through to Pega as part of the payload with other information.

Salient features of the solution enabled:

  • Provision of agents services education and lead generation capability
  • Customers to gain the capability to manage their accounts and a secured way to register payment instrument
  • Roll out of processes to capture data/metrics to identify call trends, customer satisfaction and process analysis

Benefits We Offer

Revamping the existing CRM application with Pega CPM had made the following benefits possible;

  • Reduction in average call handle time by 20% and call transfer rate by 10% and improved the First-time-right Call Resolution rate
  • Increase in revenue through adding campaigns for cross-sell/Up-sell initiatives during interaction
  • Reduced time to market by using Agile(SCRUM) methodology – 3 releases in a year
  • Provided localization feature to ease communication with customer
  • Real time reports and analytics provided insights on customer issues and agent productivity

Capability to monitor, identify and process a potential fraud scenario using the custom application built on CRM