BPM Implementation

Business process management implementation is rapidly rising among organizations to realize cost savings and high return on investments. However, enterprises begin their BPM efforts without a clear understanding of the wide range of issues that must be addressed in order for process improvements to be successfully implemented and sustained over time.

Virtusa's BPM Implementation Methodology

  • Virtusa understands that BPM is becoming an increasing option for the strategic and operational part of business as it controls process life cycles with support for process modeling, execution, monitoring and optimization.
  • Virtusa’s slivered, iterative BPM implementation methodology is focused on developing stakeholder consensus in identifying key business outcomes and developing solutions to deliver to those outcomes.
  • During implementation, our teams actively engage with key stakeholders to prioritize business challenges & requirements, collect data for developing use cases and process flows, and create high level solution design.
  • Our implementation uses an iterative methodology to develop prototypes and validate requirements and adopts a seamless process across the implementation lifecycle. Virtusa has a well-defined approach and methodology for implementing BPM tools that align business processes, metrics and KPI to achieve and standardize the business goals.