The Virtusa BPM Test Drive

Understand-Evaluate-Demonstrate (UED) FrameworkThe Virtusa BPM Test DriveSM offering is built on our Understand-Evaluate-Demonstrate (UED) framework for BPM Needs Assessment, Business Case & ROI calculation. The deliverables from this remarkable Virtusa BPM engagement lay a foundation for organizations to create a BPM roadmap that mitigates most points of failure for BPM projects.

Our BPM Test DriveSM offering helps clients address the below challenges in a short span of 3 weeks with minimal investments.

  • Educating business and IT teams on BPM value, concepts, tools and methods
  • Choosing the right business challenges for applying BPM
  • Selecting the right BPM technologies
  • Building a business case and justifying the ROI
  • Adopting the right project model & methodology

The tools and methodologies offered during this engagement provide a lasting value to clients while undertaking every new BPM initiative.