Professional Services

As product companies start growing their markets, the critical success factors change. During the market development stage, adaptability becomes the key to success.

Virtusa provides professional services to ISVs for implementation, integration and custom development based upon the ISV’s product. We also provide training courseware, development and internationalization services to assist software companies in making their product marketable for the international market.

Some of the service offerings include private label and direct implementation services, business process re-engineering, client training, application integration and proof of concept.

Our professional services combine expertise in latest technologies and experience with product customization, deployment and support on multiple platforms to provide the client with the support needed to:

  • Identify product changes to meet client requirements
  • Build adapters and tool kits
  • Pursue customizations to the product
  • Develop new markets that may require re-purposing the product, for example, developing a vertical industry version
  • Evaluate new technologies that have to be integrated into the product
  • License new technologies that may require integration into the product
  • Rapidly deploy product at client sites, including training and support

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