Millennial Engineering Services

Millennial engineering aims to bring the power of the millennial paradigm shift and gamification to the Software Development Life Cycle.

Do you have multiple tools for different Software Development Life Cycle activities? Are you struggling to get ROI of those investments?

  • Millennial engineering is about creating a highly transparent, productive and engaging environment for development teams
  • It combines the power of proprietary tools such as ERA Insight, our code quality and reuse governance solution, as well as data from other commercial test and defect management tools, to provide productivity and quality metrics right down to the individual
  • Leaderboards and badges based on concrete measures are used to incentivise right behaviour to enable to write great codes and testers to do smart testing, which will result in significant improvements in quality and software development efficiency
  • Virtusa brings to bear its experience as well as pre-built toolsets to help our clients transform themselves into a next generation lean Software Development Organization.