Re-engineering and Migration

VirtusaPolairs' legacy transformation and migration services

Increasing costs of maintaining legacy applications, technology limitations, open source opportunities and merging architectural concepts are forcing customers to re-engineer and migrate to latest technologies and platforms. However, organizations are often confounded in their approach to re-engineer or migrate to newer technologies.

Our re-engineering and migration services:

  • Follow a structured and proven approach to facilitate migration in a structured, reliable and predictable manner
  • Help customers to re-engineer and migrate from older format applications to newer technologies such as J2EE and .NET including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based applications with minimum risk
  • Services include detailed assessment, planning, migration, testing and production support of applications
  • Unique and cost effective approach packed with the following advantages:
    • Proven and well defined methodology in re-engineering and migration services
    • Strong resource base with migration tools and process expertise
    • Factory model approach in migration/re-engineering
    • Usage of prior experience in re-engineering and migration
    • Decreased effort coming from a tool-based approach reduces the cost of migration
    • Strong vendor partnership cross pollination of best practices
    • Increased predictability due to a repeatable process