Application Modernization

Virtusa's applicaiton modernization

Managing complex, legacy systems is a challenge for any business. To meet the demands for business innovation and agility, enterprises are looking forward to improve the overall structure, reusability, flexibility and performance of existing applications and platforms.

At Virtusa, we have developed a business-driven approach for end-to-end transformation of legacy applications, focusing on business value, customer experience and operational benefits. Our application modernization services offer to transform the existing applications into a set of highly integrated, flexible and streamlined applications and processes. Our services include:

  • Application modernization assessment and planning
    • Application portfolio assessment
    • Enterprise architecture definition
    • Application modernization assessment, roadmap, target architecture planning and definition and proof-of-concept
    • Software asset harvesting and re-use strategy
  • Application and technology modernization services
    • Visual Basic Modernization, PowerBuilder, Legacy, 4GL, Client and Server modernization
    • Application re-platforming
    • Application modernization factory
  • Application modernization testing services
  • Modernized platform maintenance, support services and ongoing IT portfolio optimization

Re-engineering and Migration

Our re-engineering and migration services follow a structured and proven approach in order to facilitate migration in a structured, reliable and predictable manner.

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